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No Right to Counsel in South Carolina Summary Courts

Of course there is a right to counsel, at least when a person is sentenced to jail time, but it is systematically denied to defendants in our state’s summary courts. Indigent defendants in S.C.’s summary courts typically are not provided with court-appointed counsel, even in serious cases such as DUI or domestic violence (CDV).  In [..]

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South Carolina Expungement Laws

The effects of even a minor conviction such as a DUI or simple possession of marijuana can follow a person for the rest of their life, like a scarlet letter or brand that every potential employer will see, and that every police officer will see during even the most minor traffic stops.  Once a person’s [..]

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Criminal Domestic Violence in South Carolina

Introduction to Criminal Domestic Violence (CDV) Criminal Domestic Violence, more commonly referred to as a “CDV”, is a sign of a very toxic relationship at the very least.  The common perception would have one believe that CDV’s are always perpetrated by men against women but, this is not always true and has been a very [..]

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